The thoughts are the seed to the plant we grow. In technical words, psychology is the scientific study of mind and the way it functions. According to vedic psychology, Ayurveda has described three qualities of the mind – purity (sattva), rajas (arrogance), and tamas (darkness). Psychology understands the emergent properties of the brain and the phenomena linked to those properties. Psychological or emotional imbalance are caused due to rajas and tamas Psychological disorders are caused.

The professional in the field of psychology are known as psychologist. They are classified as social, cognitive, behavioral scientists. Psychologist attempts to understand the role of mental functions in individual and the behavioral pattern. Everything has two aspects; positive aspect and a negative aspect. In psychology also positivity and negativity plays a role in the behavior one carries. The negative thoughts block the flow of energy and creates mental ama.

The most common problems in psychological disorders are depression, anxiety, fatigue, neurosis, insomnia that hint at an underlying of a serious root cause.

According to ayurveda depression is the lowered state of sattva (purity) in the mind. It is commonly caused due to the sudden psychological change in the flow of life, conflict in family, or at work, loss of dear one or severe financial lose. There are certain symptoms that leads to depression such as overwhelming sadness, sense of loss, frustration, anger, loss of concentration, suicidal thoughts.

Anxiety is a psychological disorder in which the patient panics, suffer social stress, excessive self-conscious and is over thinking about unrealistic problems. The commonly known symptoms are restlessness, fatigue, irritability, and loss of concentration.

There are time when a individual feels over tired and over exhausted by work. Fatigue is the most common problem in recent times with fast moving lifestyle. Fatigue generally explained as excessive tiredness, lack of energy. It causes due to stress, medication, overwork, mental or physical illness.

Sleep is natural phenomena to relax and to get the body and the mind some rest. Insomnia is not able to sleep at night or not having a sound sleep that deprives one’s body from rest which later interfere during the day. It is caused due to Vata. Vata is aggravated by excessive consumption of tea or coffee especially before going to bed, long gaps between meals, intake of cold and dry food, suppressed emotions, irregular sleeping pattern etc.

Ayurveda suggests to understand the root cause to cure it from within. Ayurveda begins with detoxifying the body and the mind so that the medicines can work efficiently to the root cause. Ayurvedic treatment is a blend of herbal medicines, diet plans, lifestyle recommendations following with home remedies personalized with the patients existing health conditions. Diet and lifestyle plays an important role for the medicines to work effectively and to get proper benefits of the treatment. Medicines works for a limited time but a balanced diet and a proper lifestyle keeps the person moving with positivity. As told above, ayurveda works from the root cause to reduce the future health risk. Studies show ayurveda has no side effects, after completion the medical treatment one should follow a routine to reduce the health risk and lead a successful healthy life. Virkshakalpa believes in the mind should work on the correct path to focus on other goals.

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