Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Knee Pain

Knee pain can occur due to many underlying reasons like injuries, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, arthritis, lifting heavy objects and the like. Thorough physical examination is required for diagnosis which may not be feasible for a lot of people. Knee pain majorly occurs in females above the age of 50 and males above the age of 60.

The allopathic medicines used to treat knee pain can have a lot of side effects like drowsiness, cramping, heartburn, headache, gastrointestinal ulcer, abdominal pain etc. Knee pain can be temporarily chronic. Ayurvedic treatment for knee pain as against allopathy is a much better and non harmful approach. Vriksha Kalpa Ayurveda uses the Panchakarma treatment to get rid of knee pain from its very roots and doesn’t just use painkillers to suppress the pain temporarily.




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