The true medicines comes from earth. Swarna bindu Prashana, an ayurvedic technique to improve the immunity in children. Swarna prashna is one of the sixteen samskaras mentioned in the ancient texts for pediatrics. It is the method of swarna Bhasma for memory, intelligence and strength growth. The original reference for this technique is mentioned in kashyapa Samhita written before 600 B.C. Khilasthana explains various herbs for its restorative, immune modulating, rejuvenating and disease preventing intentions. In simple words swarna Prashana is “herbs of gold”. Ayurveda imbibed itself to many references of gold pertaining medicinal properties. Gold is known to be the seven metals (Sapta loha). Swarna means “gold” and prashana means “to eat”. It is given in the form of liquid, paste or semi liquid.

The time and frequency is administered for proper benefits. Swarna prashana is given for six months on the day of pushya nakshatra. The day arrives after every 27 days. Pushya means to have strengthening (pushti) and nourishing (poshana) effects during pushya nakshatra. It is said to give swarna bindu prashana empty stomach, preferably early morning. Swarna bindu prashana is generally administered to an  infant to a 16 years old child. However, it benefits most to children upto 5 years of age.

A child generally adapts disease inherited from the parents due to lack of immunity. Swarna bindu prashana increase the immunity that reduces the risk of adapting such genetical disease. Ayurvedic system of medicine believes the reason behind is the medhya of that particular person. Ayurveda is a science of life from nature that handles the disorders of a human body in a satisfactory level.

Ayurveda is an ancient practice of medicine of protecting the health of a healthy person, and curing the unhealthy. Even today ayurveda is believed to have an unique method of immunization that helps children to boost the usage of the brain capacity. Swarna bindu prashana is not only helpful to normal children also it benefits children with special needs such as autism, learning difficulties, attention deficit, hyper activity, etc. It is believed swarna bindu prashana has no side effects as ethical and classical ayurvedic practitioner prepare swarna prashana ghrita by processing the ghee along with rejuvenating, memory enhancing and immune boosting herbs especially for children which is natural and safe. This whole process benefits the overall growth in a natural way. Swarna bindu prashana has handful of benefits including immunity such as intellect (medha), digestive and metabolic power (agni), strength (bala), gives long life (aayush), is auspicious (mangalam), virtuous (punyam), increase complexion (varnya) etc. Swarna bindu prashana is administered in the early days of life as it is important few months and years for the growth in cognitive, emotional and physical growth of children. Studies shows if the brain does not receive appropriate stimulation during the early years of life it becomes difficult to rewire at later stage.

In summary, the more practice of ayurveda and yoga becomes the basis for life the easier living gets. Swarna bindu prashana increase immunity which benefits overall growth of a child. Since vedic ages it is believed to have no side effects.

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