Ayurveda teaches us to cherish our innate the nature.

The word marma is of sanskrit origin ‘mri’ meaning death and the sanskrit phrase ‘Marayate Iti Marmani’ meaning a serious damage to the body when the points are inflicted. In simple words, Marma is the part where two or more tissues meet such as muscles, veins, joints, bones or ligaments. Marma therapy is an ancient Indian practice that focuses on manipulation of subtle energy in the body for the purpose of supporting the healing process. Knowledge of marma allows the practitioner to influence the flow of prana through both the gross and subtle bodies for the purposes of restoring health and peace of mind. Its origins are south India within a martial arts tradition known as kalaripayattu. Knowledge of Marma was not separate from Ayurveda. Discussion of the marma points is found in most of the great texts of ayurveda.

According to ayurveda, marma therapy is an ancient Indian practice whose focus is the manipulation of vital energy (prana) in the body to aid the healing process. In ancient vedic marma points were considered as a dot (bindu), a secret dot or a mystic point. The body is a silent, universal, biochemical laboratory. Touching a Marma point changes the body’s biochemistry and unfolds the radical. Marma therapy utilizes 107 points into the body and consciousness. The mind is considered as the 108th marma point. The points cover both front and back of the body : 22 on the lower extremities, 22 on the arms, 12 on the chest and stomach, 14 on the back, and 37 on the head and neck. Major marma points correspond to the seven Chakras, or energy centers of the body. These points range in size from from one to six inches in diameter.

Marma therapy is profound and work at many levels : physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. There are certain benefits with marma therapy such as :

  1. relief from chronic or acute pain, both locally and dismally
  2. Detoxification at all levels
  3. Significant improvement in immunity, digestive, respiratory, neural and psychological
  4. Healthier skin and a radiant appearance
  5. Balance body temperature and doshas of the body
  6. Release neuro chemicals

A very light stimulation of points on the body in marma therapy. It gently stimulate the specific energy points through the whole body massage with natural oils. This is not the standard massage in the sense of muscle manipulation, but is a conscious systematic stimulation of those points. Marma therapy can be combined with various massage techniques.

It removes blockages from the marma points giving physical and psychological relaxation and strength. Marma points, when gently pressed on the skin can stimulate a chain of positive events. An important principle of marma therapy is where a strong blow can cause injury, a mild touch can cause healing. When the the knowledge of marma is combined with an ability to both perceive and direct the flows of prana, marma therapy becomes a powerful tool for influencing the healing of known conditions. Marma therapy can be used as a part of rejuvenating therapy or it could be used as a preventive measure from unwanted conditions.

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