Ayurvedic treatment for Knee pain

According to the Vriksha Kalpa Ayurveda, knee discomfort or swelling is Sandhivata, a condition in which the vitiated vata affects the joints and closely resembles Osteoarthritis. Vata dosha is irritated by injury, ama dosha, fasting, riding, or standing, which leads to sandhivata.

Ayurveda Treatment for Knee Pain

Treatments are suggested in accordance with the symptoms and requirements. The following are some of the most prevalent Ayurvedic treatments for knee pain:

Panchakarma: Panchakarma is the mental and body detoxification and rejuvenation process which is broken down into five parts. Herbal massages and cleansing enemas are included in this treatment.

Abhyanga : The abhyanga Massage improves waste disposal throughout the body by stimulating blood circulation and assisting the lymphatic system. 

Virechana : Virechana cleanses the body and aids in the opening of various channels, allowing for better medication absorption. Virechana also aids in the maintenance or restoration of Tridoshas optimal balance.

Swedana : Swedana helps to open the pores in the body, which aids in the elimination of waste and promotes absorption. This therapy also aids in the reduction of stiffness and the expansion of range of motion.

Vashti : This is thought to be the most effective treatment for vata disorders. The presence of capillary blood capillaries in the rectal and colon areas aids in the rapid absorption of drugs.

Upanaha : Upanaha is a technique that involves applying medicinal pastes to the problematic area and covering it with certain leaves to alleviate inflammation and stiffness.

One of the best Ayurvedic treatments for knee pain necessitates a thorough diagnosis by the best ayurvedic doctor in Delhi and treatment of the underlying problems. We have a very systematic approach to treating knee pain at Vriksha Kalpa Ayurveda; we develop a personalized therapy for each individual that is specific to their symptoms. At Vriksha Kalpa Ayurveda, we offer the best and most effective Ayurvedic treatment for knee pain and Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain.

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