Ayurvedic treatment for Arthritis

A common disorder that affects your joints and causes pain and inflammation which makes it difficult to move or to be active is called Arthritis. Different types of arthritis cause different symptoms and may have different treatments. Arthritis usually affects the older adults and can develop in men, women or children of any age. Hands, Feet, Hips, Lower back and Knees are the most common areas of arthritis.

An ancient form of medicine that was started in India is Ayurveda and some of the Ayurvedic treatments for Arthritis which are natural and satisfactory.

When we consolidate certain nutrients and other supplements with modern medicine are very favourable if you have the problem of arthritis. Doctors can prescribe medication to relieve acute pain, but they always suggest natural approaches, too. Vriksha Kalpa Ayurveda has an effective and best Panchakarma treatment for arthritis, which is an individualistic treatment in which it is not necessary to administer all the therapies at the same time. It Is very effective and provides relief from joint pain and stiffness. The imbalanced dashes thereby ensures the elimination of all the toxins from the body and gives relief.

Here are some of the ways of Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis

Herbs and supplements – Ayurvedic practice always involves the use of some natural herbs and supplements like garlic, ginger, Ashwagandha, castor oil and Boswellia serrata (Indian frankincense) for the treatment. The formulation of the medication is specially prepared from metals like copper, silver and iron that contain ‘’Basma’’ herb. The Best Panchakarma treatment for arthritis is also practiced with some special herb oils with which people can massage into the areas of the pain. For this reason, the people only purchase Ayurvedic supplements from Vriksha Kalpa Ayurveda which is a reputable company with all sorts of ayurvedic treatments.

Diet as per Ayurveda certain foods may worsen the symptoms of arthritis and the doctors believed that eating spicy foods, taking in excess salt, drinking alcohol, eating uncooked foods, consuming too many sour, sweet, or sugary foods and eating foods that cause acid in the body may cause or worsen the problem of arthritis, therefore an Ayurvedic practitioner will always recommend avoiding these foods. Doctors recommend soups that have rice and barley as they add a sense of lightness in your body for the top ayurvedic treatments of arthritis.

Exercise and lifestyle – The Best ayurvedic Doctor in Delhi believes that the positive lifestyle habits can help the arthritis treatment, and they even believe that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to the formation of AMA which causes severe disease and inflammation. According to the fitness and health experts, practicing yoga is an essential part of Ayurveda medicine and can help a person to recover fast and also reduce stiffness and pain. Ayurvedic practitioners may recommend using hot water, not cold, to bathe in and drink, avoiding late-night or late-afternoon naps, avoiding exposure to cold breezes and using massage therapy with herbal oils to reduce pain and stiffness.

The renowned and expert medical professionals at vriksha kalpa ayurvedic will examine the patient prior and suggest the ayurvedic treatment for arthritis. The doctor will discover the person’s medical history, medical conditions, present health, family history, and other to the point aspects by understanding a person’s physical and family details and history. It works easy for the ayurvedic treatment of arthritis. At Vriksha Kalpa Ayurveda, we bestow effective and safe herbal treatment plans that are customized according to the individual health condition for the Ayurveda treatment for arthritis. To book an appointment or to know more about ayurvedic treatment for arthritis treatment cost and plans you must visit the website or contact us.

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