What is syphilis?

In the sexual act we bring together the deepest tissue level of our bodies. This allows reproduction to occur. It can also allow pathogens to be transmitted directly to our innermost tissues, which would otherwise be fought off by the immune system. The greater the number of sexual partners we have, the greater the exposure to this disease

Syphilis is a serious, sexually transmitted, contagious disease with a slow development. It may be acquired or inherited. Syphilis bears striking similarity with the disease called firangarog described by ancient sage Acharya Bhavaprakash in his Ayurvedic compendium.

Ayurveda View of syphilis

In Ayurveda, syphilis is known as “firangi rog” is a sexually transmitted disease. It has been classified into bahya (exterior), abhyanga (interior), and bahyabhyantar (two folded) on the basis of symptoms and complications mentioned above. There are three energies – Vata, pitta and Kapha in the body which are mandatory for good health.

What is the cause of syphilis?

The cause of syphilis is a bacterium called Treponema pallidum. The most common route of transmission is through contact with an infected person’s sore during sexual activity. The bacteria enter your body through minor cuts or abrasions in your skin or mucous membranes. Syphilis is contagious during its primary and secondary stages, and sometimes in the early latent period.

Symptoms of syphilis

  • There are four stages of syphilis. What symptoms you have depends on which stage of the disease you’re in. But the stages can overlap, and symptoms don’t always develop in the same order. You could even be infected with this sexually transmitted disease (STD) and not have any signs of it for years.
  • But even if you don’t have symptoms, you can still pass it on to your sexual partner. If you think you have it or have been exposed to syphilis, get treated right away.
    The stages of syphilis are called “primary,” “secondary,” “latent,” and “tertiary (late).” This article deals with the symptoms typical of each stage.

Ayurvedic Treatment of syphilis

The recommended treatment at all stages of this disease is the antibiotic penicillin. If you’ve been infected for less than a year, you may need just one injection of penicillin to be cured. But you may need more doses if you’ve had syphilis for more than a year.

There are no over-the-counter medications or home remedies that will cure syphilis — only antibiotics can do that.

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