What is Oligospermia?

Oligospermia refers to a condition in which the semen has a low concentration of sperm and is a common finding in male infertility. A male is said to have this condition if he ejaculates less than 20 million sperm per millilitre.

Obstruction of the normal flow of sperm due to such conditions as testicular trauma and vasectomy. Scarring due to surgery on the male reproductive system or from infection and sexually transmitted diseases. Decrease in sperm production due to such conditions as Varicoceles (Varicose veins around the testes), hormonal disorders, diseases of the testicles, and obesity. Stress, smoking, drug or alcohol use, some medications, exposure to some toxins, malnutrition and being underweight. Some sexually transmitted diseases, such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

Ayurveda View of oligospermia

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What is the cause of oligospermia?

  • Enlarged veins in a man’s scrotum can disrupt blood flow to the testicles. This can cause the temperature in the testicles to increase. Any increase in temperature can negatively impact sperm production. About 40 percent of men with low sperm numbers or low sperm quality count have this common issue.
  • Infection
    Viruses like sexually transmitted infections can reduce the sperm amount in semen.
  • Ejaculation issues
    While many men with oligospermia have typical ejaculations, some ejaculation problems may reduce sperm count. Retrograde ejaculation is one such issue. This occurs when semen enters the bladder instead of leaving from the tip of the penis.
    Other things that may interfere with typical ejaculation include:
    • injuries
    • tumors
    • cancer
    • past surgeries
  • Medications
    Beta-blockers, antibiotics, and blood pressure medications may cause ejaculation problems and reduce sperm count.
    Hormone issues
    The brain and the testicles produce several hormones that are responsible for ejaculation and sperm production. An imbalance in any of these hormones may lower sperm count numbers.
    Exposure to chemicals and metals
    Pesticides, cleaning agents, and painting materials are a few of the chemicals that can reduce sperm count. Exposure to heavy metals, such as lead, can cause this problem, too.

Symptoms of oligospermia

  • Swelling, pain, or lump in testis.
  • Sexual functioning issues like the inability to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse or erectile dysfunction.
  • Low facial and body hair growth and other signs of chromosomal abnormalities and hormonal imbalances.
  • Thick discharge.

Ayurvedic Treatment of oligospermia

Varicocele often requires surgery. During the procedure, your doctor will close off the enlarged veins. They’ll redirect blood flow to another vein.


Medications, including antibiotics, treat infections and inflammation. Treatment may not improve sperm numbers, but it may prevent greater sperm count drops.

Lifestyle changes

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight may improve sperm numbers. It may also reduce your risk for many other health conditions. Stop using drugs, alcohol, and tobacco to improve sperm amounts, too.

Hormone treatment

A variety of medications, injections, and lifestyle changes can restore hormones to a healthy level. When hormone levels recover, sperm numbers may improve.

Reproduction assistance

If you’re still unable to get pregnant, you and your partner can work with a fertility specialist to explore your options.


Home Remedies for oligospermia

  • Men with oligospermia may be able to increase the chances for conception with these techniques:
    Have sex more frequently
    If you’re trying to have a baby, increasing your frequency of intercourse can improve your chances of conception, especially around the time your partner is ovulating.
    Track ovulation
    Timing sex to ovulation can increase your chances for conception. Work with your partner’s doctor to find the best times for intercourse for conception.
    Don’t use lubricants
    Some lubricants and oils can reduce sperm motility and prevent sperm from reaching an egg. If lubricant is needed, talk with your doctor about a sperm-safe option.

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