• What is Fatigue?

    All of us struggle with being overtired or overworked from time to time. Fatigue is a common problem that is explained as a feeling of weariness, tiredness or lack of energy. It can be triggered by stress, medication, overwork, or mental and physical illness or disease. In severe cases, it may be one of the symptoms of a more serious psychological or physical disorder. Therefore, it is important to diagnose the condition at an early stage, and treat its root cause.

    Ayurveda View of Fatigue

    Ayurveda suggests that fatigue is caused due to low gastric fire and weakness of the liver. It is this low or weak gastric fire that leads to Ama formation. And as we know Ama is the root cause of all diseases in the body. Therefore proper treatment of Ama will help a long way to treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    what is the cause of Fatigue?

    Fatigue can be caused by a number of factors working in combination, such as medical conditions, unhealthy lifestyle choices, workplace problems, and stress. Fatigue is a known risk factor in motor vehicle and workplace accidents. Always see your doctor for diagnosis if you are suffering from chronic tiredness.

    Symptoms of Fatigue

    Symptoms of fatigue
    • chronic tiredness or sleepiness.
    • headache.
    • dizziness.
    • sore or aching muscles.
    • muscle weakness.
    • slowed reflexes and responses.
    • impaired decision-making and judgement.
    • moodiness, such as irritability.

    Ayurvedic Treatment of Fatigue

    Yoga: As oxygen helps to flush out lactic acid (may also be the cause of tiredness) doing daily breathing exercises are recommended in Ayurveda. The best breathing exercises are alternate nostril breathing, a breath of fire, left nostril breathing, right nostril breathing.

    Home Remedies for Fatigue

    A regular sleep schedule, healthy diet and frequent exercise may help reduce fatigue. Consuming less caffeine during the day and avoiding caffeine at night may also help.
    See a doctor immediately if you
    Feel severe pain along with fatigue
    Have chest pain, an irregular heartbeat or shortness of breath
    Experience abnormal bleeding
    Feel faint
    Think about suicide
    Make an appointment to see a doctor if you
    Have fatigue that lasts two weeks or longer
    Struggle to work or complete daily tasks
    Feel sad or slowed down

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