• What is Colitis?

    Colitis is considered a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. As inflammation rises upwards from the rectum, the lining of the large intestine becomes inflamed and often leads to the formation of open sores. The swelling of the colon results in pain, potentially resulting in Ulcerative Colitis and further complications. Colitis, both ulcerative and non-ulcerative is most common between individuals aged 15-40 but can occur at any age.

    Ayurveda View of Colitis

    Ulcerative colitis is a disease of purisha vaha srotas which is caused by Pitta pradhana Vata doshas. Udumbara kvatha has properties of Pitta Vata shamana and also vrana shodana and ropana[3] which help in healing ulcers in the colon by basti karma.

    what is the cause of Colitis

    Colitis is a chronic digestive disease characterized by inflammation of the inner lining of the colon. Infection, loss of blood supply in the colon, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and invasion of the colon wall with collagen or lymphocytic white blood cells are all possible causes of an inflamed colon.

    Symptoms of Colitis

    Ulcerative colitis (UL-sur-uh-tiv koe-LIE-tis) is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) that causes inflammation and ulcers (sores) in your digestive tract. Ulcerative colitis affects the innermost lining of your large intestine (colon) and rectum. Symptoms usually develop over time, rather than suddenly.

    Ayurvedic Treatment of Colitis

    Similarly, a combination of Lodhra Tvak Churna, Musta Moola Churna, Nagakesara Churna and Mukta Panchamrut Rasa is also recommended to be taken three times a day, mixed with water. An Udumbara Kvath Basti can also be done to detoxify the body from all toxins.

    Home Remedies for Colitis

    The chronic condition affects nearly 1 million Americans and tends to run in families. Epidemiological research shows that “Westernized” populations and people with diets high in fat are at higher risk for UC, as well as Caucasians and Ashkenazi Jews. But no one has yet uncovered the main cause of the disease.

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