What is Chronic Laryngitis​?

Laryngitis is inflammation of the voice box (larynx). This organ sits in your upper neck just past the back of your throat. Swelling of the vocal cords muffles sound, and you are hoarse. When you try to talk, all that comes out is a whisper or squeak.

Swelling of the voice box can be triggered by an infection, such as a cold, the flu, or bronchitis. Or the problem could be something as simple as overuse.

Laryngitis usually isn’t a serious problem. With proper treatment, acute (short-lived) laryngitis should go away in no more than 3 weeks. But sometimes, laryngitis lasts longer and becomes chronic. But there are ways to help yourself feel better.

 Ayurveda View of Chronic Laryngitis

Chronic laryngitis is caused by allergies, reflux, & auto-immune disorders. Ayurvedic view of Chronic Laryngitis? In Ayurveda, chronic laryngitis is correlated with “Svar bheda”. It is the disease of pranavaha srotas (respiratory system), caused due to vitiation of VataS and Kapha dosha affecting the rasa dhatu.

 What is the cause of Chronic Laryngitis?

  • The most common cause of acute laryngitis is a viral infection, like an upper respiratory infection. You’re more likely to get laryngitis if you’re prone to:
    • Colds
    • The flu
    • Bronchitis
  • Other causes of acute and chronic laryngitis are:
    • Smoking or vaping
    • Overuse or misuse of the voice, such as screaming, loud cheering, singing; infants or children may get laryngitis from constant crying or changing their voice to mimic animals or cartoon characters
    • Allergies
    • Throat irritation caused by inhaled medications, like asthma inhalers
    • A fungal infection, such as thrush
    • An injury, such as a hit to the throat
    • Inhalation of chemical fumes
    • Sinus disease
  • Acid reflux can also play a role. Strong acids can travel up from the stomach into your throat and get all the way to your larynx. This can irritate it and make you lose your voice.
    Rarely, laryngitis may be caused by infection by bacteria.
    Some health conditions, including certain cancers, can also make you more likely to get laryngitis

  Symptoms of Chronic Laryngitis

  • Laryngitis is often related to another illness, such as a cold, the flu, or bronchitis. Symptoms in children and adults are usually similar. Laryngitis symptoms include:
    • A sore throat or raw throat
    • A tickling feeling in your throat
    • A low-grade fever
    • Hoarseness
    • Trouble speaking
    • A dry cough
    • A constant urge to clear your throat
    • Swollen glands

 Ayurvedic Treatment of Chronic Laryngitis

1. Cough Powder

Chandigarh Ayurved Centre Detox premium powder is safe and natural. The herbs & minerals used for the preparation of this churna show antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, expectorant, immuno-modulator properties. The different ingredients used for its preparation are Talisaadi Churna, Abhrak Bhasam, Lakshmi Vilas ras, Yashti Madhu churna, etc. It provides effective results in chronic laryngitis.

Recommended dosage: Take 1 sachet twice daily with honey.

2. Broncho care syrup:

Broncho care is ayurvedic syrup containing ingredients such as Vasa Patra (Adhatoda vasica), Kantkari (Solanum surattense), Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Bharani (Clerodendrum serratum), Chitrakmool (Plumbago zeylanica), Sonth (Zingiber officinale), Pippali (Piper longum), etc. It is mainly used in chronic cough, bronchitis, whooping cough, chronic laryngitis, common cold, etc.

Recommended Dosage: Take 2 teaspoonful twice a day.

3. Cough go Tablet

Cough go tablets consists of ingredients like Sonth (Zingiber officinale), Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Pippali (Piper longum), Kali mirch (Piper nigrum), Laxmi vilas rasa, Abhrak bhasam, Tankan bhasma. It has  anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, immuno-modulator properties thus widely used in respiratory disorders, throat problems, cold, cough, & chronic laryngitis.

Recommended dosage: Take a tablet twice a day with lukewarm water.

4. Amrit tulsi Rasa

Amrit tulsi rasa consists of five types of Tulsi Ocimum sanctum, Ocimum gratissium, Ocimum canum, Ocimum basilicum, Ocimum citriodorum as main ingredients. It shows antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic, anti-flu, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxin properties thus widely used in chronic laryngitis.

Recommended dosage: Take two drops in half cup of water twice a day.

5. Kantha Sudharak Vati

The ingredients used for the preparation of the Kantha sudharak vati are Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Karpura (Cinnamomum camphora), Ela (Elettaria cardamomum), Lavang (Syzygium aromaticum), Javitri (Myristica fragrans), Ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi).

This is prepared from soothing and expectorant herbs thus relief all throat problems. It gives very effective results in chronic laryngitis.

6. Trikatu Tablet:

Trikatu Tablet helps to eliminate excess Kapha or mucous from the body, supports respiratory system, helps to take out impurities, reduces swelling. It shows anti-inflammatory, analgesic, expectorant, antioxidant properties.  This tablet is made up of equal parts of three herbs such as Pippali (Piper longum), Shunthi (Zingiber officinale), & Marich (Piper nigrum) that maintains the metabolism in the body. It is an Appetizer and it improves digestion, supports normal gastric function, and normal circulation.

 Home Remedies for Chronic Laryngitis

According to Ayurveda, the accumulation of Vata and Kapha in the respiratory tract and the digestive system are responsible for breathing problems. Panchakarma therapies are very effective in cleansing the body toxins and removing doshas which clears up any obstruction in the respiratory Channels.

Chandigarh Ayurved Centre provides the best Panchakarma treatment for chronic laryngitis. Following therapies are recommended :

1.Shastika Ahali Pinda Sweda

In this procedure, the Swastika shali rice is cooked in kwatha & buddha. The pottalis are prepared with these ingredients. After that, with the help of these portals the patient affected area is massaged. This procedure balances the kapha and pitta dosha.

2. Patra Potali Pinda Sweda

In this procedure, we heat or oil fry the leaves of the medicinal plant tied in a bolus to provide heat to the affected area of the body parts. Thus accumulated kapha is removed from the body and also balances the vitiated vata dosha.


In this procedure, medicated oil is retained on the chest wall which gives a positive influence on the heart chakra which in turn has a beneficial effect on the mind and gives a strengthening effect to the heart muscle. This therapy nourishes, strengthens, balances heart function, and rejuvenates the heart. This procedure especially helps in all respiratory tract

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